Monday, August 22, 2016

Caesar's Camp

Haven't had many opportunities to get out this summer, but we always make sure that we find time to take out our God-daughter Orla, so this summer was no different.

We went to Caesars Camp in Swinley Forest as it's local. After building a wigwam Orla decided to build a bug hotel. She was totally engrossed in building it and took an eternity - I think the bugs would have been very happy that night :)

Love spending time with this young lady - enjoying it before she gets too old to want to spend boring days with us LOL!
Friday, August 19, 2016

Blogaholic Designs

Did you notice my blog has had a facelift? I am trying to streamline all my businesses so that they're more professional and I spend less time on them. I've been spending hours doing research, but finally it's becoming worth it. I started with Instagram - I have 3 accounts, 1 for kids, fostering, special needs etc; the second for my shoes; and the third for my art - and I had each account on different phones! Then I discovered a website article about how you can have several IG accounts connected. Result!

My next target was links to IG, Google+ etc. Blogger offers links, but does make the sidebar look messy. More searching and I found this You Tube video - flaming brilliant! Although it did take a bit of tweaking, the icons were far too big, but someone within the video comments had solved that. And now I have all those lovely icons in a row instead of a bit of a mess :)

I decided to get both the icons and the new blog template from the same people that provided the video - Blogaholic Designs. In the past I have used freebies from The Cutest Blog on the Block, but this time I wanted to purchase one and $15 for the template and icons seemed pretty fair, Actually I don't do HTML so it was more than fair :) Plus, I had a little problem with my blog header and the company quickly helped me!

Last for the blog is proving harder. I've bought SuzannesTribe as a domain, but struggling getting blogger to let me change the address - I will get there!

Next step is logos - I know what I want, but looks like more hours researching to create them :) And after that two website businesses and 1 facebook page needs creating. Just as well I don't go out much in the evenings LOL!
Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pretties :)

One of our DIL's (to be!) is in the middle of training to be a beautician and has been begging for models. Sadly, being a wimp, I said there was no way she was practicing waxing on me - just the thought makes me shiver! However I was much more willing to be persuaded to have my nails done. And so glad I did, lovely bit of TLC on the nails along with a hand massage, and very pretty looking nails :)

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Cricketers, Bagshot

Saturday night was a good night :) Thanks to my bestie Joy who volunteered to watch over Ella and the 3 fosterlings Jeff and I actually got to go out for the evening and be grown-ups! We went to The Cricketers in Bagshot and met up with Angela and Patrick (parents of our adorable God-daughter Orla and the delightful Martha), two of my favourite people :)
I was a really good girl and had smoked salmon and a poached egg for starters. Followed by steamed bass with veggies. And sparkling water to drink. But less said about the sticky toffee apple crumble with ice-cream and custard - not quite so healthy, but very nice thank you very much! Our waiter was lovely, and although we were one of the last 2 tables to leave we didn't feel like we were being rushed out.
We don't get out much - very sad really - so it's great that when we do, it is such a lovely evening :)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Horse and Groom

Have just had a lovely meal at the Horse & Groom in Bracknell. It's a Harvester so has the salad cart that you help yourself from. It is pricier than a Weatherspoon's but the food is more interesting, well sometimes ....... For my starter I had halloumi and water melon, whereas Jeff had deep fried mushrooms! So if you're more of a conservative eater then don't panic :) Refillable soda's is always a crowd pleaser too. Top point? - we took Ella with us and the waiting staff were patient and understanding with her - always a winner in my book :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Budding Author

Well, in all honesty, probably not. She's been working on her emergent writing for years now and I think this is probably as good as it'll ever get. She took great care writing this and then gave it to Jeff as a shopping list! Poor Jeff having to guess everything on it. He failed of course when he didn't bring home everything he wanted :)

Monday, August 08, 2016

Birthday Boy!

Fosterling celebrated his 7th birthday with us today.

He chose to go to Build a Bear. The premise is lovely, but the price ...... £32 and that doesn't include clothes, so we have a bare bear ;) You do chose your own outer material, stuffing, and extras like a heart beat, a song when you press a paw and, wait for it, a smell! He loved it so for that reason it's worth the money, and the company astutely knows that.

After that he went to Creams where they sell only pudding ....... Heaven! What else is there to say about an establishment that only sells sugar laden, tasty, chocolatey goodness :)